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Dear Friends:


I’m writing to you from my warm, sunny office in the peak of absolutely incredible July weather. The heat is on in the middle South, and the sun is shining. It’s not a time of year that many people think about snow and ice removal and snow plowing services for their businesses. But I’m thinking about it because this is the time of year I start brushing my crew up on their snow and ice removal techniques. It’s the time of year we attend work seminars and specialized training courses to ensure our snow and ice removal equipment and techniques are up to par with the absolute newest and greatest industry practices.


Throughout our recent training programs, I’ve been thoroughly reminded of the importance of snow and ice removal, even in regions of the U.S. where one might not ordinarily think of snow and ice as being a significant threat. The truth is, its even more important to offer snow and ice removal in the cities that don’t get as much snow and ice as northern cities do because these are the cities that tend to be the least prepared for inclement winter weather.


Take Nashville, Tennessee, for example, just one of the many cities we service across the middle South. Nashville is prone to terrible, unpredictable ice storms that leave the city and surrounding neighborhoods coated in a thin, slick sheet of ice. It’s a significant hazard, both for driving and pedestrian traffic too. Even if Nashville gets one of these ice storms per winter, it’s one too many as far as residents and business owners are concerned. And if Nashville businesses aren’t signed up for snow and ice removal services this winter, they could be running a significant safety hazard for their employees and customers. (We encourage businesses all across the middle South to get signed up with us as soon as possible, to ensure their place in our winter schedule before the first snow flies this winter).


One of the segments of our training programs included studying the Bureau of Labor Statistics data on falls and accidents in the workplace. This material reminded us of the importance of taking care of ice removal when we visit our clients’ businesses, (as opposed to merely plowing snow like most snow removal companies do). I want to share some of what I learned, quoted directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:


  • “In 2014, there were 42,480 workplace injuries and illnesses involving ice, sleet, or snow that required at least one day away from work to recuperate. These resulted from falls, slips or trips; overexertion and bodily reaction; transportation incidents; and contact with objects and equipment. Among these injuries and illnesses were 34,860, or 82 percent, that were due to falls on the same level (that is, not from falls from heights or through surfaces).”


That’s a direct quote which shows just how common slips and falls are, particularly in the winter months. I’ve plowed snow for over 25 years now, and even I was surprised at how many snow and ice-related accidents occur every year. Such is why it’s so essential for snow removal services to include driveway snow removal, sidewalk snow removal, ice dam removal, deicing, etc. It’s simply not enough to move snow around with snow removal equipment. Snow removal contractors need to get out of their trucks and put the finishing touches on a property, apply eco-friendly deicer by hand, and make sure the property is safe for foot traffic as well as vehicle traffic.


Our promise to customers here at Smart Scapes LLC is to provide full-service snow plowing and snow removal. That includes:


  • Snow removal services
  • Ice dam removal
  • Ice Melt
  • Deicer
  • Sidewalk snow removal
  • Driveway snow removal
  • Removing snow and ice from entryways
  • Ice pretreatments
  • Removing ice from roofs and eves of buildings
  • Ice dam prevention
  • Emergency response to snowed-in locations
  • Freezing event mitigation
  • The use of eco-friendly, green deicing agents


When you are searching “Who is the best snow removal contractor near me?” or “Snow and ice removal near me,” or “Best snow plowing contractor,” we hope you’ll choose Smart Scapes LLC to ensure your property is snow and ice-free this winter. Our promise to you is to take care of all of the inclement weather that comes with winter time, and to ensure that your business is accessible and, (most importantly), safe for your employees and customers. You can call us today at (615)437-5520 to schedule a free estimate.


I look forward to meeting with you.




David Schmutz
Smart Scapes LLC Crew Leader



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