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When we think of the wintertime, we’re usually thinking about cold weather, buying warmer clothes, putting snow tires on our vehicles, doing our Christmas shopping, etc. One thing we often don’t think about, however, is making sure we sign up for commercial snow plowing and ice removal for our business locations.

We get so caught up planning for the other aspects of winter that we forget some of the crucial elements of winter, i.e., keeping our businesses protected and taken care of during the harsh winter months.


There are plenty of good reasons to hire snow and ice removal and maintenance this winter. Five are listed below:

  1. It’s the safe thing to do. Every time you attempt to remove snow and ice on your own, and every time you hire an employee to do so, this creates a safety risk, a slip-and-fall hazard for you and the employee. But when you hire a snow removal contractor, that risk disappears as you are having a licensed and insured expert do the risky work for you.

  2. You save time. When you don’t have to spend your own time outside shoveling snow, when you don’t have to pay an employee to shovel snow, this is time that you can better utilize in running your business and having your employees do the tasks that they should be doing.

  3. Professionals get the job done quickly. While it might take one person hours (or even days!) to remove the snow from a commercial lot, a licensed, professional snow removal company has the equipment to get the job done fast. This allows such companies to provide excellent service to several clients and to do so quickly and efficiently.

  4. Snow removal contractors have the equipment to address all aspects of snow and ice removal. You might be able to shovel snow now and then, but do you really want to get up on the roof in the middle of winter and remove ice dams? Do you have the tools to remove ice on the ground without damaging the pavement beneath? Do you have the right, eco-friendly ice melt to remove snow without damaging the environment? Thankfully, snow removal companies can address the many aspects of snow and ice removal.

  5. Snow and ice removal companies are dependable. You never know when a snowstorm is going to strike, and the last thing you want is to show up for work one morning only to find that a snowstorm hit you commercial lot the night before. Now you have to spend hours shoveling just to get your employees and customers in the door. When you hire a snow removal company, you can rely on us to get onto your property early in the morning and get the snow and ice removed before employees and customers start to arrive.

We could probably write a much longer paper of all of the different ways that snow and ice removal companies benefit business owners. But the main points are that it’s the safe thing to do, it saves you time, it saves your employees time, and it ensures your business will always be accessible (and safely accessible, at that) for both customers and employees. Plus it’s just the right thing to do for your commercial property as it keeps your buildings safe from massive ice buildup (which can damage roofs and eves).


Last but not least, snow and ice removal services keeps your commercial property looking well-cared for and aesthetic. When comparing businesses, your customers are more likely to pick the company that looks clean and easy to get to, so make sure you’re commercial lot looks the nicest and most accessible this winter!


Curious about snow removal companies? Wondering how a snow removal service works? Check out our brief FAQ below, or call our office today at (615)437-5520 to speak with one of our snow removal experts:

  • Is a snow removal plan unlimited?
  • That depends on who you do business with. Some snow removal companies will offer a seemingly low rate for each visit but then will visit your property more than necessary to rack up the cost. Snow and Ice Removal Inc. provides a flat rate for truly unlimited visits to your property. No matter how many times we need to come out to your business to remove snow and ice, we will do so without increasing our rates one bit.
  • What areas of a commercial property will a snow removal company address?
  • For us at Snow and Ice Removal Inc., our number one focus is to make it so that you can get into and out of your business safely. We’ll remove snow and ice from the driveways, parking lots, entryways, sidewalks, breezeways, drive-throughs, etc.
  • Is snow and ice removal just about snow and ice?
  • Actually no. As snowplowing contractors, we also have to contend with freezing rain, slush, sleet, hail, black ice, flash freezing, ice storms, etc. These are all in a day’s work for us, and we know how to contend with each. We’ll keep your property free of all freezing events this winter.


Are you searching the internet for “snowplowing near me,” “snow removal equipment,” “ice dam removal,” “ice dam prevention,” or “local snow plowing services”? Snow and Ice Removal Inc. offers a full-service wintertime plan, a service plan that includes snow plowing, snow removal, ice dam prevention, ice dam removal, deicing, ice removal, eco-friendly deicer services, etc.


Our goal is to offer full service to your property during the winter season. We aim to provide the best snow removal services in the area. When the cold starts to creep up on us, and Jack Frost comes a’ knockin’, let Snow and Ice Removal Inc. take care of the heavy work! Call our office today at (615)437-5520.

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