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Looking on the internet for “Comprehensive snow removal services near me?” Our goal is to offer full-service in snow and ice removal, as we believe there is a lot more to a snow plowing company than just pushing snow around. Take a look at our list of services, and if you still have questions, check out our FAQ below.


Our service contract is very straightforward and explicit. There is no confusing legal jargon or complicated fine print. If you’d like to read our service contract, reach out to our office at (615) 437-5520. But to offer a glimpse at the services you get when you sign up with us for snow removal services, check out the list below:

  • Snow Plowing. The primary function of any local snow plowing service is, of course, snow plowing! We have a fleet of new snowplows, and we are ready to tackle anything and everything the winter season can throw at us.
  • Snow Removal. Snow removal is the most underrated wintertime service yet. Most snow plow companies push snow around. At Smart Scapes LLC, if the need is there, we will remove the snow from your property. Not all customers need this service, but when they do, we are one of the only companies that offer it.
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal. Our snow removal technicians will get out of their trucks and clear your sidewalks, entryways, breezeways, and walking paths. Snow removal means clearing driveways and parking lots, but it also means clearing the pathways for foot traffic too.
  • Deicing. Our company visits properties and spreads an eco-friendly deicer (see the FAQ section to learn more about our eco-friendly deicing agents). This deicer cuts through snow and ice and clears surfaces to the bare, dry pavement or asphalt beneath.
  • Ice removal. Much like snow removal, we will remove the ice from the property if there is no safe place on the property to transfer it to. Ice is a severe health hazard and needs to be moved to a location where it will not pose a risk to property owners, employees, and customers.
  • Ice Dam Removal. Ice dams build up in the valleys and eaves of roofs, and they are dangerous. Our snow removal technicians are trained in ice dam removal. We will get these hazardous chunks of ice down off the roof and away from the building.
  • Ice Dam Prevention. Once ice dams have been removed from the roof, the next step is to apply a pretreatment to the roof’s eaves and valleys. The liquid pretreatment mixture helps to prevent the buildup of ice dams in the future.
  • Deicing. Deicing can be done in one of two ways. Ice can be removed by hand (a needed service if ice sheets build up in an entryway or walking path). The other method is to spread a green deicer and let that cut through the ice, melt it into water, and then dry it out, leaving the surface bare and slip-free.
  • Ice Pretreatments. Ice pretreatments involve a unique, eco-friendly liquid spray that our service trucks apply to the paved surfaces of your property. In doing so, the pretreatment binds to the concrete surface and acts as a hydro barrier. In this way, the surface is protected from freezing events such as ice, slush, and snow.


Want to learn more about snow plowing? Wondering how snow removal contractors manage to make it all work? Read on to our FAQ section below, where we answer a few of the most common questions we hear about snow and ice removal:

  • What kind of deicer should I use?
  • We recommend an eco-friendly variant of rock salt. We use a sodium chloride that is mixed with a simple magnesium chloride additive. This mixture is more effective than rock salt, is not harmful to the environment, and is not corrosive to vehicles and other machinery.
  • How much does snow removal cost?
  • That depends on various factors, like the type of property, how large it is, what types of service it will require, etc. Call our office at (615) 274-8216 to schedule a free estimate for snow removal at your property.
  • How long should a snow service contract run for?
  • We recommend a service contract that takes you from early November to early April. That ensures your property is taken care of and fully maintained from the very first snowfall to the very last melt.
  • Does a snow plowing contractor clear sidewalks, porches, decks, and entryways?
  • Most don’t offer this service, but Smart Scapes LLC does! Complimentary sidewalk and entryway clearing is included in your monthly service contract.
  • When do snowplows run?
  • Our snowplows will service your property whenever it needs it, even if that means visiting your property several times per day. But the ideal time of day to service a property is in the very early morning between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., before business owners, employees, and customers begin to arrive at that location.
  • Are snow removal services genuinely unlimited?
  • Most snow removal companies charge a monthly fee up to a certain point of coverage and then add on additional charges for additional visits above that point of coverage. At Smart Scapes LLC, we offer genuinely unlimited coverage for all of the properties we visit. Whether we have to service your property 30 times or 100 times or more in a month, we’ll be there as often as we need to be to ensure that the property is cleared and clean of snow and ice.


Are you searching the internet for “Local snow plowing contractor near me” or “Snow removal services near me”? Are you trying to find a company that does driveway snow removal, sidewalk snow removal, deicing, pretreatments, snow plowing, and ice dam removal all under one service contract? Searching for nearby snow removal companies and not sure who to choose? Let Smart Scapes LLC visit your commercial property and provide you with a free consultation and estimate on snow and ice removal services for the coming winter season.

For a limited time, Smart Scapes LLC is offering an early bird special on customers who sign up for snow removal services during the summer season. This is beneficial to you, as it gets you locked in at a low, flat rate for the winter season. And it’s helpful to us, as it enables us to set up our daily schedules and service plans in advance of the coming winter. Call our office today at (615) 437-5520 to schedule your free consultation.

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