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There are a lot of misconceptions about snow and ice removal contractors. Most people think that snow plowing services pertain to only snow removal and that’s all. And yes, for some companies, that’s the long and short of it. But for Snow and Ice Removal Inc., there’s a lot more to the service that makes us one of the most comprehensive snow removal companies in the Middle South and Southeast.


Our company is proud to offer an incredibly compressive snow plowing services contract. We were able to find fourteen points to our agreement that set our team apart. These are:

  1. Commercial Snow Removal, On Time, Every Time. The great thing about the guarantees and protections that our service contract provides is this. We promise to service the properties we do business with every single time we receive more than one-half inch of snow. We also promise to provide service during any freezing events. These could be freezing rain, sleet, hail, rain, snow, ice storms, slush, flash freezing, black ice, etc.

  2. Truly Unlimited Snow and Ice Removal Services. Our service operates under a seasonal rate for the entire winter season. There are no hidden costs or fees. We will service your property as many times as necessary to ensure that you receive exemplary care and service all season long. Your agreed-upon price is locked in for the entirety of the season. It will never go up, and we will never charge you an additional fee throughout the season.

  3. Flat-Rate Pricing. We have a few different pricing options to choose from, but each service package is a flat rate for the entire season. Again, no hidden fees, additional costs, extra taxes, surcharges, conditional fees, etc.

  4. Fast Service. A big part of our service is our ability to get out to your property and clear snow and ice. And we want to do so quickly. We respond to every property within a few short hours of a freezing event to ensure that the property is accessible and safe.

  5. Eco-Friendly Business Practices. Snow and Ice Removal Inc. is an eco-friendly snow removal contractor. We include the use of our green ice melter in all of our service contracts. That means that we will apply green ice melter in tandem with snow removal and snow plowing. Such an approach keeps your property safe, slip-free, ice-free, and it does so without being harmful or corrosive to your property’s paved surfaces and landscaping.

  6. Safe Properties, All Winter Long. Our service contract does have an end date, but it is far past the usual end of winter. Our agreement begins in the first week of November, and it runs into the first week of April. That guarantees that your property will receive ongoing care.

  7. Guaranteed Morning Visits. Our service contract includes guaranteed morning visits. Performed before business hours (we’ll be in and out before your doors even open), this service is guaranteed after overnight snowfalls and freezing events.

  8. Emergency Daytime Snowfall Visits. We’ll also come out to your property and provide service during daytime snowstorms, snowfalls, freezing events, ice buildups, etc.

  9. Multiple Service Calls for Every Winter Event. In the event of an ongoing snowstorm, our crews are directed from a well-staffed logistics center to provide continuous service to your property throughout the storm.

  10. Attention to Detail. Our snow removal technicians are anything but superficial. When our teams approach a property, they put themselves in the shoes of the employees and customers who must access that property. If the site is a residential one, our crews put themselves in the shoes of those who live there. With this mindset, our teams can utilize a detailed approach to each property they service. They’ll even get out of their vehicles and hand-shovel if need be. They will ensure every nook and cranny of a property is cleared away for safe and secure vehicle and foot traffic.

  11. Automatic Winter Weather Response. Our crews are available and on the clock every single day, at all times of the day. We’re the first on the site when a winter event occurs, allowing us to ensure the properties we service are cleared of snow and ice as soon as humanly possible.

  12. Detailed Reporting and Service Logging. We keep records of every property we service, every individual service we perform, every single time. All of this information is made available to you, allowing you to keep track of service visits to your property throughout the winter season.

  13. Customizable Service. We offer a variety of service plans. Each plan is further customizable, allowing you to build the plan that best meets your needs.

  14. Peace of Mind that Comes with Work Performed by Licensed and Insured Contractors. No matter how much it snows, sleets, hails, rains, freezes, or ices this winter, your service will remain unlimited. Your rate will remain unchanging throughout the season.


We surveyed our current and past customers to see why they chose Snow and Ice Removal Inc. over the competition. The most common twelve responses we heard back were:

  • “Unbeatable winter safety with them.”
  • “Contingency response was promised and delivered.”
  • “Top-notch quality control on properties.”
  • “A team of technicians who are friendly, compassionate, and efficient.”
  • “High-tech, state-of-the-art equipment that gets the job done right.”
  • “Advanced logistics enabled them to always be there when a freezing event occurred.”
  • “Dedication to snow removal. Not a company that does something else in the offseason.”
  • “Emergency communication, 24/7. When they were needed, they were there.”
  • “Unmatched customer service. Always willing to customize a service contract.”
  • “Ongoing training programs for their employees.”
  • “Most efficient snow and ice removal company in the Southeast and Middle South.”
  • “No hidden fees or loopholes. The service contract was apparent and clean.”


Still, have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions section below for more helpful information:

  • Do I have to sign up for the entire winter?
  • Yes. We offer a multitude of different contracts that come in at various price points. But we do insist you allow us to service your business or home throughout the entire winter season.
  • How do I sign up for service?
  • Call our office at (615)437-5520. We’ll arrange a complimentary estimate and consultation to determine the best service agreement for you.
  • Which areas of my property will you service?
  • Our goal is safety and accessibility. With that in mind, we will service all entry and exit routes to the property, all drive-throughs, parking lots, sidewalks, walking paths, entryways, breezeways, patios, decks, etc.
  • How do you address freezing events?
  • Anyone who’s been through a winter in this region knows that snow is not our only concern. We also must contend with hail, freezing rain, black ice, flash freezing, ice storms, slush, sleet, etc. We address those events through a combination of plowing, shoveling, and, most importantly, the application of our eco-friendly deicer. In this way, the effects of freezing events are kept to an absolute minimum.

Ready to get signed up for comprehensive snow and ice removal services for the 2019 – 2020 winter season? Call our office today at (615)437-5520 to get started.

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