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When the winter rolls around and the snow starts to fly, most business owners are thinking about snow removal. And that makes sense, as business owners need to get in and out of their building, as do their employees and customers.


However, snowfall and snow plowing is not the only type of winter maintenance to think about when the temperatures drop and the skies cloud over. There is an entirely separate side to winter that is even more dangerous and troublesome than snowfall. Such is speaking of course of freezing events like freezing rain, ice buildup, black ice, slush, sleet, hail, and other slippery hazards that tend to be even riskier than snow.


Business owners prioritize merely being able to get in and out of their properties in the wintertime. That makes perfect sense. Most businesses are running on tight margins. The threat of losing several days of being open just because one’s business location is inaccessible is not an option. That is why businesses hire affordable snow removal services, all so they can continue to dedicate their time and attention to their business.


But what about the risk of customers and employees falling on a slippery parking lot, walkway, sidewalk, or entryway? Just because the snow has been removed from a location does not mean that the site is necessarily safe for walking or driving. What about all of the other freezing events that come with winter? As it turns out, a good snow plowing contractor needs to be able to do a lot more than just move snow around.


Snow is only one aspect of inclement weather that we have to plan for. There is also ice. When freezing rain strikes a surface, it freezes and hardens into ice almost instantaneously. Such an event can completely sheet an area in a slick coating of ice in a matter of minutes. If one does not have a snow removal contractor who can adequately address such an event, this could bode poorly for a business owner. And that’s just one type of freezing event!


If a customer slips and falls on the ice on a business owner’s property, the business owner could be held liable in an injury lawsuit. As terrible as this sounds, such has been known to occur. You want your customers to be safe and hazard-free this winter season, not only for their benefit but to also avoid a possibly life-changing lawsuit.


The “Freeze-Thaw” period refers to the period in the latter half of the winter when the temperatures jump above freezing and then drop below freezing, over and over again, sometimes several times per day. The most common occurrence of the freeze-thaw is for temperatures to rise above freezing during the day. That causes accumulated snow to melt and then run off of roofs and onto sidewalks, entryways, parking lots, driveways, etc. At the same time, the snow that’s currently on the ground starts to melt into slush. Once the night falls and the temperatures drop, all of that standing water and slush turns to ice, creating a surface almost impossible to navigate without slipping and falling.


The purpose of an expert snow removal contractor is not only to remove snow and make a property accessible but to do so while also making that property safe. Such means doing a lot more than just removing snow. It also means addressing the freeze-thaw period. It involves applying an eco-friendly deicing agent. It means shoveling slush and excess snow. It consists of removing ice dams from roofs and eves. It means breaking up accumulated ice and removing it. Remember, the goal is to make the property accessible and safe.


A skilled snow removal contractor will address all of the harsh aspects of winter weather to ensure your property is accessible and that the property is safe for walking and driving. That means using advanced weather watching programs, GPS tracking software, and good old fashioned experience and skilled judgment to determine when to visit a property to apply deicing materials. And after a winter storm strikes, a good snow removal contractor will be on site, removing snow and applying deicer to any remaining ice.


A bonus to signing on with a snow removal contractor is that, as long as you sign on with a group that is fully licensed and insured (which Smart Scapes LLC is) that company’s policies help to cover you in the event of an unlikely fall. For example, if you don’t have a snow removal service that is regularly spreading deicer on your property and a customer slips and falls on your property, you could be held liable in a lawsuit for not having deicer on the parking lot, entryway, driveway, etc. However, if you have a written contract with a snow plow and the snow removal contractor does not apply deicer, the fault falls on the contractor, not on you. But with a good snow removal contractor, a written contract, and all of the licensing and insurance in order, you are as protected as you can get from a potential lawsuit this winter.


The best way to prevent ice from creating a safety risk this winter is by hiring a snow removal service that offers comprehensive service, one that charges a flat rate for their service and which offers unlimited visits. This way, you are hiring a team of knowledgeable and seasoned professionals who have the equipment, the green deicing materials, and the expertise in monitoring the weather and knowing the best time to apply deicing material.


Driveway snow removal and local snow plowing service are not enough to maintain your commercial property this year. When considering hiring a snow removal contractor, be sure to ask prospective contractors how they prevent ice from creating risk for your customers and employees. A contractor needs to have a plan for not just snow removal, but also for regular visits to your property to apply eco-friendly (not rock salt) deicing agents to ensure your property’s surfaces do not become icy and dangerous.


Still have questions? Wondering who is the best snow removal contractor? Searching Google for, “Best snow removal near me”? We hope you choose Smart Scapes LLC for your snow plowing and ice removal needs. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at (615)437-5520, or check out the brief FAQ below:

  • What are the benefits of eco-friendly deicers?
  • An eco-friendly deicer is a rock salt alternative, a substance that does not harm nearby plant life, which is not corrosive to vehicles and other equipment, and which has an overall reduced environmental impact.
  • How often will should you perform snow and ice removal?
  • Our service is a flat rate, and it’s unlimited. We will visit a property as many times as necessary to ensure the snow and ice is entirely removed from it.
  • Is your company licensed and insured?
  • Smart Scapes LLC is fully licensed and insured, and our technicians receive annual seminars and training programs to ensure they are up-to-date on all of the latest techniques and trade secrets in snow and ice removal.
  • When does snow removal service begin and end?
  • We offer some degree of customization in our service contracts, but most of our plans begin in early-November and end in early-April.
  • Where can I get references from satisfied customers?
  • Call our office at (615)437-5520, and we will furnish you with a list of satisfied clients who you can contact.

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Your deicing services will only be as effective as the contractor you hire. Be sure to pick a contractor who is willing to attend to your property as if it was their own, to treat it with care and compassion. To find out how we can provide these services for you and to schedule a free consultation of snow and ice removal for your property, contact Smart Scapes LLC today at (615)437-5520.

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