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The Benefits of Snow and Ice Removal Services

Sometimes business owners put off hiring snow and ice removal services and snow plow contractors until it’s too late. Then they’re left with the task of addressing their own property’s snow buildup, usually by hand too. As most businesses have several parking spaces, one or two vehicle entryways, and at least one or two entries and exits from the store, this means hours of backbreaking work to keep those areas clear of snow and ice. Not only that, but this work is totally unpredictable, as there’s no way of telling when a snow storm or ice storm will ruin a business owner’s day with a fresh deluge of snow or ice.


The most obvious benefit to hiring snow plowing services this winter is the fact that you won’t have to take care of snow and ice removal on your own. But there are lots of other benefits to hiring this particular task out. We can think of at least fourteen benefits in hiring a professional snow removal contractor.


  • Winter Snow Removal that’s Punctual, and On Time. When you own a business, you need to be able to rely on service providers and contractors to take care of your business needs so you can focus on what you need to focus on, i.e., running your business! The most apparent benefit to snow removal services is that an expert snow plowing contractor uses high-tech snow removal equipment to quickly and efficiently clear your property of snow and ice as many times as necessary to get you, your employees, and your customers through the season.

  • Snow Plowing Contractors Use Professional Equipment to Get the Job Done. Have you ever noticed how completely inefficient a snow shovel is? Talk about backbreaking work that takes forever and is hardly rewarding! Snow plowing contractors, however, utilize advanced tech, very efficient and sensible snow plowing and snow removal equipment, plus specialty hand tools and expertly-selected, eco-friendly deicing materials to get the job done quickly and to save all our backs!

  • Experts Ensure No Winter Damage to Your Property. When snow and ice are allowed to accumulate on your property, this can damage your property pretty severely. Snow and ice buildup on the roof can damage eaves, valleys, and even cause leaks. Plus, hiring professionals who know how to navigate different types of properties and their buildings ensures that real experts are taking care of your business’s snow removal this year. Furthermore, the use of the right equipment for the job provides your property will be well-cared for and free of unnecessary damage.

  • Buy Yourself More Time. Any savvy business owner learns at some point in the business cycle the value in buying time by hiring employees. At some point in the growth of a business, you learn that only so much can be done in the day and that it makes sense to buy 40 hours of another person’s time so you can get more done. And so the business grows. Think of snow removal services in the same way. Why spend your own time out shoveling and plowing your commercial property or paying one of your employees to do so? It pulls both you and your employee away from what you need to be doing, i.e., running and growing your business and servicing your customers! Hire us, and as a result, buy time by delegating snow and ice removal to our team.

  • Don’t Stress About Inclement Weather. Business owners who have to take care of their snow removal often stress more in the wintertime. Why? Because they are always worrying about having to go outside and shovel snow or send an employee out to do it for them. Don’t stress the white stuff! Stay inside where it’s warm, run your business, and let the professionals take care of the white stuff.

  • Safety is Key, Stay Safe by Leaving Risky Work to the Pros. Snow and ice is quite a safety hazard. Thousands of business owners, employees, and customers injure themselves by slipping in the snow and ice every winter, and you increase those odds tremendously by working out in the snow and trying to shovel it or break away new ice buildups by yourself. Avoid injury and protect your employees and customers by hiring professional snow plowing that includes driveway snow removal and sidewalk snow removal.

  • Quality Plus Completion Equals Happy and Safe Customers and Employees. Our snow removal program utilizes advanced weather tracking devices to predict storms ahead of time. That allows us to be on your property as soon as inclement weather manifests. That keeps your customers and employees safe and free from having to battle snow and ice just to arrive at your business.

  • Maximize Your Business’s Service Hours By Ensuring Access. Rather than having to open an hour or two late due to an inaccessible parking lot or entryway, ensure that you can keep your regular business hours by capitalizing on our efforts to keep your property clear of snow and ice throughout the winter months.

  • Maximize Curb Appeal. Who said the winter was an ugly time of year? With a local snow plowing service, your property will look appealing and pleasant, a bustling and energetic business with cleared walkways and parking areas.

  • Get the Edge on Other Businesses. There’s something to be said about the competitive value of snow removal services. If you and a similar business are competing for customers this winter season and you elect to make your business appealing and easily accessible this winter and your competition does not, who do you think potential customers are going to choose? They’ll likely opt for your business if for no other reason than your business is accessible even during the heaviest of snowfalls and iciest of storms.

  • Prevent Lost Income. When you have to remove yourself or an employee from the task at hand to address snow and ice, you lose business income. In fact, given our competitive pricing, a simple math calculation might find you saving money by hiring our crew as opposed to sending employees out every day to shovel your business’s drive, parking lot, entryway, and exit.

  • Avoid Hazards, Injury Risk, and Lawsuits. As mentioned earlier, snow and ice present a slip hazard and fall risk. We hate to think of this happening, but it is essential to remember that if a customer falls and injures themselves on your property, they could hold you liable in a court of law. Do your best to reduce that risk this season by ensuring that the experts in the field of snow and ice removal are out there every day, multiple times per day if needed to remove snow and apply deicer to ensure a clean and slip-free property.

  • Avoid Fines for Inaccessible and Hazardous Properties. It depends on the neighborhood, but some residential and commercial zones apply fines and penalties to homes and businesses that don’t remove their snow and ice. Don’t get hit with a fee for not removing snow and ice this winter.

  • Unlimited Service, All the Time, Every Time. We pride ourselves in offering genuinely unlimited service, from the first snowstorm to the very last melt of the season. From the moment the temps start to drop and the weather turns sour, our professional snow plowing contractors will keep your business cleared of snow and ice, allowing safe, aesthetic, and comfortable access to your business throughout the winter months.


Still curious about snow and ice removal? Have questions about our process? Wondering, “Where can I find snow removal near me?” or “Where can I find ice removal near me?” or wondering, “Who is the best snow plowing contractor near me?” We hope to be the crew you choose in your search, and we’ll certainly do our best to answer any other questions you might have. Take a look at our brief FAQ below, or feel free to call our direct line and speak with one of our office staff today. Our phone number is (615)437-5520 (LAND).

  • How do you deice a property?
  • With our commitment totally eco-friendly practices, we pride ourselves in staying away from salt deicers, as such chemicals are harmful to the environment and corrosive to vehicles and other equipment. Our expert technicians make full use of potassium/sodium chloride and other eco-friendly deicers and pretreatments to protect a property from snow and ice accumulation.
  • How do you schedule snow removal services?
  • We’ve pioneered a program we like to call the “Trigger System.” Check out our page titled, “Planning and Preparedness – How Do Snow Contractors Do it All?” for more information on the trigger system’s intricate software and GPS programming. The simple explanation of it is that we can monitor snowfall and inclement weather patterns as well as freezing events and other winter weather hazards. That allows us to be the first on-site when Jack Frost comes knocking.
  • What type of training do your snow removal technicians receive?
  • Most of our technicians are veteran experts, skilled workers who have been in this field for a long time. However, we put our snow and ice removal technicians through annual seminars to ensure that they are up to date on all of the best technology and expertise on snow and ice removal.
  • How long does your snow removal plan run?
  • Our plans are fully customizable, but most of our programs run from early-November to mid-April.
  • How comprehensive is your service?
  • Fully comprehensive. While you can customize how often our technicians will visit your property by the use of our trigger system (or sign up for the preferred customer’s unlimited service plan) we insist that when we do visit your property, we perform every snow and ice removal task needed to clean your property up and leave it totally free of snow obstructions and ice buildup. That includes snow plowing, deicing, snow and ice pretreatments, shoveling of entryways and sidewalks, removal of ice dams, pretreatments on the roof, snowdrift removal, etc.

Imagine spending the winter focusing all of your attention on the things that matter. Imagine not having to worry about one of the only aspects of the winter months that make this season unpleasant. Imagine staying safe and warm this season, focusing your attention on running your business, managing employees, and servicing customers. Ready to move forward with making that dream a reality by hiring snow and ice removal services? Call us today at (615)437-5520 to get started.

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