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Smart Scapes LLC has a long history in snow removal, snow plowing, and deicing services.  Our business has been servicing clients since 1992, and our more than quarter of a century in the trade shows in our expert approach to snow plowing services. 


Smart Scapes LLC is women-owned and minority-managed. We are an equal opportunity employer and have hired and trained a diverse team of professionals over the years.  Our focus is to combine the skill sets of expert planners and coordinators, master snow and ice removal technicians, competent estimators, and an adept support team who can monitor weather patterns and provide ancillary support for our technicians in the field.  We’ve built a strong, cohesive team around what we believe is the best team model in the snow and ice removal industry.


Our approach to snow and ice removal is to put ourselves in the shoes of business owners in our community. What does a business owner want out of snow plowing services? Expedient service performed frequently and any time the snow or freezing rain falls, clearing of all driving and parking areas as well as sidewalks and walking areas, etc. We make sure that your property is totally clear of snow and ice hazards on the ground and above the ground.


Smart Scapes LLC is more than just a local snow plowing service. We bring comprehensive and quality service packages to our clients. We offer extensive snow removal, deicer, and deicing applications that completely clear the driving, parking, and walking areas of your property. We believe that we are the most comprehensive snow plowing company in the industry. Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Snow Plowing. We operate a fleet of heavily-equipped snowplow trucks driven and maintained by veteran technicians.  These are old hands in the industry, men and women who have worked in snow removal for years and who stay up to date by participating in annual training programs.
  • Ice Removal. Our ice removal services are excellence bar none. We can use a combination of tools, eco-friendly deicing materials, and sheer experience and company know-how to disappear ice from your property within a short amount of time.
  • Deicing. When surfaces become covered in sheets of ice, our deicing services are best applied as soon as possible to minimize risk and maximize access to your property. We can arrive on the scene and apply deicing techniques rapidly.
  • Sidewalk and Entryway Clearing. Most snow removal contractors will whisk through your property and hastily move some snow around without ever getting out of their trucks. Our snow plowing services are quite different. Our snow removal technicians are trained to not only work their way through your property to remove all of the snow, but to also apply environmental deicing agents by hand. Our technicians even get out their snow shovels and remove snow and ice buildup from all sidewalks, entryways, verandas, porches, patios, breezeways, and walking paths on your property.
  • Ice prevention pretreatments. Our team members carry pretreatments that they can apply to paved surfaces before a freezing event occurs. This application will prevent the buildup of ice when inclement weather does arrive.

Questions? Want to learn more? Asking questions like, “Who is the best snow removal contractor?” or “Who does the best snow plowing near me?” Curious to learn more about the above services? Call our office today to speak with one of our experts. We’d be happy to answer your questions! We can be reached at (615) 437-5520.


Our promise to you is that we will take all efforts necessary to keep your property clear of snow, ice, ice dams, and other freezing events. We are happy to announce that our service contracts include unlimited visits to your property.

When you sign up with us, we will come to your property as many times as necessary, from the first snowfall to the last melt, to keep your property accessible throughout the cold, snowy winter season.  Call our office today to set up a free consultation for your wintertime snow removal services. Are you asking, “Where can I find snow plowing near me?” We hope to be the answer to your search.



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