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Sidewalk Clearing and Snow Removal in the Wintertime – A Necessary Step to Making Your Business More Accessible to Customers

The summer months always seem too short, and Autumn always ends up being more of a fleeting glimpse than anything else. Before we know it, winter is knocking at our front door, and we have to contend with inclement weather, snow, ice, short, gray days, and long, dark, chilling nights. “C’est la vie!” one could say.


Just as with any other season, the wintertime brings with it a new series of daily maintenance tasks that we must contend with on our commercial properties. For those of us who own or manage commercial properties, small box stores, restaurant franchises, pharmacies, bank buildings, pet supply stores, hair salons, dental clinics, veterinary practices, etc., we need to consider the consistent maintenance of keeping our driveways, parking lots, entryways, and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. 


Most commercial property business owners hire a snow removal or snow plow service to come buzz through their property once every other day or so, hastily plowing a few parking spaces clear and perhaps clearing a way in and out of the commercial lot. 


But there is so much more that should be done, not only for the aesthetic appeal of a commercial location, but for the safety of one’s customers too. Businesses already seem to experience a drop in their sales in the wintertime, simply due to the nature of the season. Why disillusion your customers from coming to see you in the wintertime by not taking great care of your snow and ice removal?


One’s overall business almost always slows down in the winter time, much of which can be attributed to cold weather, snow, ice, and a general desire to stay inside cuddled around a fireplace with a few movies and some cocoa. But people have to get out and about from time to time, and wouldn’t you rather your customers want to come to your business in the winter, as opposed to being turned away by a messy parking lot, sidewalk, and entryway?


An expertly cared for business in the winter months is one that not only has a beautifully plowed and deiced parking lot, but one which offers a clear path up the sidewalk, to the entryway, and into the building itself. You want your customers to make it out of their vehicles, across your parking lot, onto and across the sidewalk, and into and through the entryway without slipping, falling, tripping, or even having a “close call.” This requires snow plow services and sidewalk snow removal.


The last thing any business owner wants is to have an unappealing commercial lot, covered in snow, dripping with ice, or muddied in slush. Our customizable driveway snow removal and sidewalk snow removal service plans allow for you to pick and choose your level of service, the frequency of service, and to schedule your service around the weather patterns. We strongly encourage our customers to make full use of our sidewalk snow removal services, as the sidewalks and entryways leading to your business will receive the most foot traffic from your customers and employees both.


At Smart Scapes LLC, we promise to use our state of the art weather monitoring interface and our customizable service plans to always be on alert for inclement weather, and to be ready to come to your business and provide our parking lot and sidewalk snow and ice removal services at the drop of a hat. To make sure that we can do our job efficiently and at a moment’s notice here are three quick tips for getting your commercial property ready for our local snow removal services, our technicians, and their snow removal equipment:


  • The first thing that you should do is ensure that any and all vehicles and equipment are removed from the parking lot, driveway, and sidewalks prior to the arrival of our snow removal technicians. Our goal is to fully remove snow and ice from your property, so a property clear of obstructions enables us to do that best.
  • As for the driveway, ensure that it is clear and your commercial lot is accessible, with nothing blocking access to the property. If you have a gated entry, be sure that the gate is open or that our technicians have access to the security code so they can let themselves in.
  • Sidewalks, entryways to commercial stores, banks, pharmacies, and other small box stores are great places to promote your products and services. We understand that. But our priority is to clear these areas of snow and ice so your customers can have safe, slip-free passage to your building. If you have any signs, garbage receptacles, ashtrays, art fixtures, standing displays, or other types of decorations around, on, or near your parking lot, entryway, or sidewalk, be sure to remove and store those in a safe and easily accessible place before our snow removal technicians arrive. You or your employees can replace them once our sidewalk snow plowing services are completed for the day.


Are you ready to sign up for comfort and peace of mind, knowing that your commercial property will be kept free from snow, ice, mud, slush, and everything in between and that it will be kept this way around the clock, for the entire winter season? Call our direct line at (615) 437-5520 today for a complimentary consultation on sidewalk snow removal services for your location.



When people move to the Middle South (Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, northern Georgia, northern Alabama, northern Mississippi, North Carolina, Arkansas, western Virginia, southern West Virginia, etc.) they don’t always expect to deal with inclement winter weather. But this is a common misconception.  It’s not until you get into the deep South that the winter months become merely a mild, cool season. 


With that in mind, business owners often forget that snow removal is still needed. When getting ready to sign up for snow removal, business owners will almost certainly have questions about such services. We certainly get a lot of questions every year, and we are happy to answer them. But to help get your questions answered quickly, take a look at the FAQ below:


  • Do you offer on-call services for snow and ice removal?
  • We discourage on-call services, but we will provide them in urgent, near-emergency circumstances. It’s much wiser to sign up for a seasonal contract, that way you know you will be covered, 100% of the time.
  • What is the minimum snowfall needed before you service a property?
  • Zero! We visit properties even when there is just a threat of snow or ice so we can provide pre-treatment deicing applications right away. This way, even if a bad ice storm or freezing rain strikes, your property’s grounds will be safe for walking or driving.
  • How do you know when to service a commercial property?
  • Thanks to GPS technology, we are able to monitor weather patterns in real time. We have GPS mapping configured for every property we service, so when a storm is about to hit, we will know which properties lie within that storm’s path. This enables us to preemptively address our clients’ properties, and to follow up with any needed snow removal shortly thereafter.
  • When do you service properties?
  • In the wee hours of the morning, before regular business hours begin for most businesses. We aim to move in and tackle the driveway, parking lot, and all entryways, sidewalks, and walking paths and get them cleared of snow and ice before any employees or clients arrive on the site.
  • What type of deicing products do you use?
  • Only eco-friendly deicers, such as potassium/sodium chloride.


Wondering who is the best snow removal contractor in your area? Asking, “Who does snow removal near me?” or, “Where can I find snow and ice removal services?” Look no further than Smart Scapes LLC. Our trained teams of snow and ice removal technicians will maintain your property through the winter season, ensuring that your customers and employees alike will always have safe and easy access into and off of the property. To learn more, call our office today at (615) 437-5520 to speak with a staff member.


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