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Snow Plowing for Commercial Properties – Tips for Keeping Your Property Clear of Snow Hazards this Winter

We all know what happens when the winter time rolls around. The temps drop, the warm clothes come out of the closet, and we spend a lot more time indoors. But the cold winter months aren’t all about sitting snuggled around a fireplace sipping cocoa and watching the flames crackle. From time to time, we will have to go outside, and for those of us who own commercial properties and small box franchise stores, keeping our parking lots free and clear of snow should be a top priority. It’s the safe thing to do, for our employees and customers alike, and a freshly plowed commercial property simply looks more inviting.


Across the northern and middle parts of the United States, business slows down in the winter time. Customers just aren’t getting up and about as much as they do during the spring, summer, and fall, and the inclement weather is likely the primary factor in that. To keep your business prospering, whether you own or manage a franchise store, a corner pharmacy, a grocery store, a bank, a pet store, a hair salon, a yoga studio, a dental office or veterinary clinic, or any other type of commercial lot that involves foot traffic, it’s important to enlist the help of snow plowing and snow removal services.


The winter time isa time of rest and respite, but you still want your business going strong through this calm period. Unfortunately, nothing turns customers off more from coming to a business than a parking lot or entryway that is packed with slippery snow, ice, and sock-soaking slush. Business owners need to remember to sign up for regular snow plowing and snow removal services before the snow flies to ensure that they have their business’s parking lot, sidewalks, and entry-ways accounted for when Jack Frost decides to pay a visit.


One of the benefits that we like the most about keeping a parking lot plowed is that it keeps everyone safe. No small box store business owner, franchise owner, or manager wants a prospective customer to slip and fall on their way into the business. Not only will it likely result in a lost customer, but it will likely result in a lawsuit too. And nothing puts a damper on the holiday season like complaining customers and legal problems.


Keeping your parking lots plowed, sidewalks deiced, and entryways clear of snow, ice, water, and any other slip hazards is not only just good business, but it’s also good manners. Rather than ignoring the coming winter storms and trying to contend with your parking lot with a backbreaking shovel and your own physical labor, consider signing up with Smart Scapes LLC and getting on a schedule for regular, consistent, and dependable snow removal services. With snow plowing services, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your parking lot clear of snow again.


Smart Scapes LLC offers unique snow removal services, so when you’re searching “snow plowing near me” or “snow removal near me” in Google, take some time at our website to see the plans we offer for snow plowing.


At Smart Scapes LLC, we understand that business owners need snow removal services, but as we are business owners ourselves, we understand the need to operate on a budget. That’s why we’ve innovated our own unique, “Trigger System” to our snow removal services. This system allows our customers to quite literally build out the exact schedule that they want for snow removal. The Trigger System allows clients to pick and choose their level of snow removal service that they want at the price point that best meets their needs.


Our snow removal technicians monitor the weather on an hourly basis, constantly checking multiple, credible sources for immediate weather conditions, threats of inclement weather, daily and weekly forecasts, etc. 


Our customizable trigger system offers different levels of service for clients, at different price points. For example, if a client desires a mid-range level of snow plowing services, we would set up a “Seventy Percent Chance of Snow” trigger for that client. This would mean that, any time a seventy percent chance of snow in the area of the client’s commercial property came up on our weather system, it will ping in our interface and we will schedule a snow plow truck to visit that client’s commercial property very early in the morning, before the client opens his or her doors for business, all so we can address any snow or ice that may have developed before our client’s customers begin to arrive. 


Other trigger points include things like, “Possibility for Inclement Weather.” When this alert pings on our system, all of our clients who have that trigger on their service plan will receive a visit from our snow removal technicians. Even if there is no snow on the ground, we can provide deicing services.  Those are our innovative pretreatment services that we use to prevent snow and ice build up.


Our most affordable trigger point would be the “Snow on the Ground” plan, which dictates that customers won’t receive a visit from our snow removal crew until the snow has quite literally fallen on their premises. For this trigger, our weather system alerts us when and where the snow falls, and all of our clients who have signed up for this trigger will receive a visit from us in the evening or wee hours of the morning before they open their doors for business.


Ready to sign up for the best of the best in snow removal companies? Smart Scapes LLC is ready to serve you this winter. Consider these tips for preparing your commercial parking lot and sidewalk for our technicians and their snow removal equipment:


  • Make sure that all vehicles are removed from the parking lot prior to the arrival of our snow removal technicians. We can service a commercial lot with cars present, but it is better if the space is empty of vehicles.
  • Ensure that the lot is accessible, with nothing blocking access to the property.
  • If you have signs, garbage receptacles, fixtures, displays, or other decorations around, on, or near your parking lot, be sure to remove and store those before our snow removal technicians arrive. They can be replaced once our snow plowing services are completed for the day.


Are you ready to guarantee a commercial property that is snow-free, ice-free, clean, clear, and safe? Call (615) 437-5520 today for a no-cost consultation on snow removal services for your property.


Still have questions? Wondering, “Who is the best snow removal contractor in my area?” or, “Who is the best snow plow service near me?” or, “Who is the best contractor for ice removal near me?” Look no further than Smart Scapes LLC. We offer snow plowing and ice removal across the region.

We get a lot of questions so we thought we’d put together a brief FAQ section. If you still have questions, feel free to call our office any time and we’ll be happy to help you. We can be reached at (615) 437-5520.


  • Do you offer unlimited snow plowing service?
  • Absolutely! No matter how bad the winter weather gets, we guarantee that our teams of licensed and experienced professionals will be able to complete snow and ice removal services on your property.
  • Do I have to sign up for the entire winter?
  • Yes. We offer service contracts for all kinds of services and at different price ranges, but we do insist that your service take you through the entire winter season.
  • How do I get signed up?
  • Give us a call and schedule a free estimate. We’ll come to your property, assess what you need, and set up a service contract for the winter season that meets your needs best.
  • What areas of my property will you service?
  • Our number one goal is safety combined with accessibility. What that means is that, any place on your property that is going to receive foot traffic, that’s a place we will remove snow and ice. Furthermore, we want your property to be completely accessible by car, including ample parking room. Our mission is to address all vehicle entrances to the property, all parking areas, and all physical entrances to your building. We will meet with you and discuss how customers and employees alike enter and exit your premises. Keeping those pathways and routes clear will be our focus.
  • How do you handle freezing events?
  • Anyone who’s been through a winter in the Midwest or Middle-South knows that winter is not just about snow. There’s also freezing rain, slush, sleet, hail, black ice, flash freezing, ice storms, etc. To address those hazards, we visit properties and apply an eco-friendly deicer whenever there is inclement weather in the forecast, even if the property does not need snow removal at that time. This is a part of our preventative approach to snow and ice removal.

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