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Planning and Preparedness – How Do Snow Contractors Do it All?

For our snow removal technicians here at Smart Scapes LLC, running a high-quality snow removal service is more of an art form than a job. It requires extreme skill, experience in the industry, incredible organizational skills, and excellent communication and leadership skills to run a team of snowplow technicians, weather watchers, dispatchers, support technicians, estimators, etc.


So how do snow removal contractors do it all? How do they juggle several commercial properties at once? How do they ensure that all of their clients receive expert service?  Service that is rapid, on-time, unobtrusive to a client’s property, customers, and employees, and to do all of that at a rate that is affordable and reasonable? Well, that is the pure magic of truly expert snow and ice removal services. It just works.


Expert snow removal companies do the following:

  • They always know when to remove snow at every location they service.
  • They always know what the conditions are like at those locations at all times.
  • They always know to remove snow and ice in a timely fashion.


It’s something of a herculean feat that snow plowing contractors can do all of that. To do so, they must operate a full-time crew as a cohesive unit to get it all done. If you want to make sure a company will be able to provide the above, three points, be sure they explain their business strategy. Their strategy should include the following:

  • Intensive and masterful planning.
  • Innovative and intuitive logistics.
  • Around the clock monitoring and diligence.


These are the three requirements that make the gears go round and round, that make snow plowing services work.

First, snow removal companies must be able to plan out their crews for each day. They organize which snowplow trucks will go to which locations, at what times, and what types of service will be needed at each location. A local snow plowing service also must be able to innovate sensible weather watching programs. Weather can change on a dime in the wintertime, and that will change the type of services the properties need. And last but not least, snow removal companies need to be able to implement all of the above around the clock, 24/7, to ensure all of their clients’ properties are taken care of.


If you have more questions about snow removal, ice dam formation, ice dam removal, ice melt, deicer, ice dam prevention, best practices for deicing, or any of the other aspects of expert snow removal, feel free to call our office at (615) 437-5520. We’ve also included a brief FAQ below:

  • What is the best deicer to use?
  • Most companies use rock salt. The problem with salt is it’s not that effective (most rock salt won’t melt snow or ice in temperatures below ten degrees Fahrenheit). Rock salt is also harmful to the environment. Smart Scapes LLC uses an eco-friendly sodium chloride with a magnesium chloride additive. It melts snow and ice even down to subzero temperatures, and it’s not at all harmful to the environment or vehicles.
  • When do snow removal companies visit properties?
  • That depends on the contractor. Our mission and promise to our customers here at Smart Scapes LLC is to visit properties as many times as needed throughout the day to keep the properties clean of snow and ice. Our ideal visit time is between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. That is when we can attend to properties without imposing on the property owner’s general business traffic, employees, the arrival of customers, etc.
  • How much does snow removal cost?
  • That depends on the company. Smart Scapes LLC offers a flat-fee that includes unlimited visits to your property. We will continue to work on your commercial lot no matter how much it snows, rains, sleets, or hails.
  • What do snow plowing contractors do?
  • Most contractors merely push snow around. Our snow plow technicians do this. But they also remove ice, spread an eco-friendly deicer, remove ice dams, utilize ice dam prevention strategies, shovel snow and ice off of breezeways, entryways, walking paths, sidewalks, etc.
  • Are snow removal contractors covered by insurance?
  • Not all are, but they should be. Smart Scapes LLC is fully covered. That ensures you are covered, your business is included, and our crew members and equipment are covered as well.


Curious as to best practices in snow removal? Searching the internet for “snowplowing near me,” or “driveway snow removal,” or “sidewalk snow removal,” or “snow removal equipment,” or “ice removal near me,” or “best snow removal contractor near me”? Smart Scapes LLC will ensure your property is clean, safe, and accessible throughout the winter season, and we’ll do so in a professional, affordable manner.

Ready to take the next step in getting scheduled for comprehensive snow removal services this winter? Contact Smart Scapes LLC today at (615) 437-5520 to take advantage of early bird pricing on the upcoming winter season! Don’t leave your snow and ice removal tasks up to your employees. Don’t take the risk of a slippery fall for an employee or customer, or customers not being able to access your business due to snow accumulation. Call today.

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