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How to Choose a Snow Contractor

Looking for a snow contractor to help keep the snow and ice off your commercial property this year? First off, you’re making the right decision to seek out such a company. Snow and ice create a real burden, a troublesome barrier to walking and driving both.


Snow and ice is a safety hazard too. If businesses don’t make sure their snow and ice removal is taken care of, they’ll lose customers, their employees might get hurt, and a season that’s already a strain on the emotions and nerves will become even more troubling.


Snow removal is one of those jobs that a lot of people do. Snow removal companies and snow plowing groups vary quite a bit. When looking for a snow removal contractor, most of the selection will be individual contractors, lone guys who happen to plow snow in the wintertime.


Such a person is not the ideal selection, because even though such a person might do good work when it comes to the actual snow plowing itself, he is usually a jack of all trades and is likely involved in several different activities to generate his income. When considering a snow removal contractor, look for genuinely professional characteristics in the company, characteristics like:

  • A dedicated company that is solely purposed for expert and professional snow removal.
  • A company with a large fleet of vehicles and plenty of new, advanced equipment that is designed specifically for snow and ice removal.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for both the customer and the contractor.
  • Knowledge of the logistical aspects of snow removal.
  • Understanding of the legal side to snow and ice removal and snow plowing.
  • Plenty of experience in the industry.
  • Comprehensive service that seeks to address all aspects of a property’s snow and ice accumulation.


The best snow removal services come from companies which are dedicated to monitoring weather patterns and providing service at properties based off of the impending, current, and recent weather events. Snow removal services and ice removal is not as simple as just plowing snow. Multiple aspects go into the company who will meet your “snow plowing near me” search, and those traits will become quite apparent in how the company comports itself in planning, scheduling, weather monitoring, and the actual delivery of the service.


The best snow removal companies are also particular in their service, detail-oriented, and masterful of their craft. And the beautiful thing about these companies is that they show those characteristics to you not only in their work but in their service contract as well. Take a good look at the service contracts of the snow contractors you are considering hiring. Is the service agreement extremely explicit about the degree of service the contractor will provide, under what weather conditions, at what time of the day, and so on? If it does not, you might want to consider a different contractor.


Insurance coverage is another point to consider. When selecting a snow removal contractor, be sure to pick one who provides you with proof of insurance coverage. That should include coverage for him, coverage for his employees, coverage for you, and coverage for your property. If your contractor does not provide you with an insurance plan, he might be using non-insured, under the table labor. That presents liability and a risk to your property.


Another point to consider is how reachable your contractor is. A snow plow contractor should have dedicated customer service staff so you can always be guaranteed someone to speak with whenever you want to reach your contractor. Most snow removal contractors are themselves the customer service for their company, and they can’t exactly answer the phone while servicing properties. Be sure to select a company that has an employee answering the phone at all times and employees out plowing snow at all times.


Curious for more information about snow plowing services? Want to know more about how snow removal works? You can always call our office at (615)4375520, or you can check out our FAQ below:

  • What is the best deicer?
  • We strongly support the use of eco-friendly deicers. We use a sodium chloride that also has a magnesium chloride additive. We don’t use rock salt as it is harmful to the environment and corrosive to vehicles.
  • What type of snow removal service is the most affordable?
  • A flat-fee service is the most affordable because business owners pay the same price every month for unlimited visits as opposed to paying for each visit.
  • When do snow removal contracts run?
  • Our service runs from early-November to early-April.
  • Do snow plow contractors shovel sidewalks?
  • Our company does! Our snow removal technicians first plow a commercial lot, removing snow from the driveways, entryways, thoroughfares, parking lots, etc. Then our technicians address the walking paths, sidewalks, breezeways, etc., all by hand and with shovels as needed.
  • Do snow removal services remove ice dams?
  • Smart Scapes LLC does perform this service as a part of our monthly service plan. We will keep your buildings’ roofs free of ice dams, as these pesky wintertime buildups present a real hazard to your employees and customers.


Wondering who is the best snow removal contractor in your area? Searching Google for, “Snow removal near me,” “Snow removal services in my area,” “Best snow plowing near me,” “Snow removal companies”? Let your search come to a close with Smart Scapes LLC. Smart Scapes LLC is your personal and local snow plowing service, ready to provide exemplary service all through the winter season.


For driveway snow removal, sidewalk snow removal, and parking lot snow removal, we’ll be there, on time, every time. And that’s just one side of our service. We also include deicer and ice melt services, plus ice dam removal and ice dam prevention. We are one of the only snow removal companies that offer such comprehensive services. And don’t forget, all of these services are covered under a flat fee.


And did we mention unlimited visits? That’s right; Smart Scapes LLC will visit your property as many times as necessary this winter to ensure your snow and ice removal needs are met around the clock, 24/7. Call our office today at (615)437-5520 to schedule a free estimate for your commercial property.

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