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Ice Pretreatments

When we think of snow and ice removal, we almost always think of addressing the snow and ice that has already formed on a property. But what if there was a way to prevent the buildup of ice on your business’s driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, and entryway? To get ahead of the problem? If it were possible to do so, wouldn’t it be easier to prevent ice from forming than it would be to remove it once it had already formed?


Smart Scapes LLC is an industry leader in snow and ice removal and snow and ice prevention. Our cutting-edge techniques for preventing the buildup of ice via snow and ice control lies in our ability to use ice pretreatments.


Ice pretreatments involve the use of new technology to guard ground-level surfaces against the buildup of ice. That means using liquid deicing agents to coat a paved or hardscaped surface with a thin layer of material which will prevent the accumulation of ice on that surface. This approach is further complemented by thorough and regular snow plowing to remove accumulated snow as soon as it collects on the surface.


An ice pretreatment is a chemical that is mixed into water and sprayed onto a parking lot, entryway, sidewalk, or any other surface where people will drive their cars or walk. Once applied, the water-diluted ice pretreatment spreads across the paved surface. The water quickly evaporates due to the pretreatment chemicals, leaving a thin coating of dried pretreatment on the paved surface. Just like that, the surface is fully coated and ready to melt any impending snow or freezing rain that might touch it.


The layer of pretreatment acts as a barrier between freezing events and the pavement beneath. Snow, hail, sleet, or freezing rain could strike against the pretreatment, but it won’t break through and attach to the pavement underneath. The precipitation hits the pretreatment and dries right there, keeping paved surfaces free of ice, standing water, snow, slush, etc.


Our process for applying and maintaining pretreatments is unique and professional. Here’s how we do it:


  • First off, we use a fleet of trucks with special spray equipment to canvas a property, spraying a thin layer of pretreatment onto the paved surface.
  • We also have hand-held spray tools and boots-on-the-ground technicians who apply pretreatments on sidewalks, entryways, walking paths, hard-to-reach areas, etc.
  • Once the next snow storm or ice storm hits, our pretreatment immediately goes to work, cutting away at the falling snow or freezing rain.
  • Whatever buildup of snow does occur does not form into hard-packed layers of ice or snow thanks to the protective layer of the pretreatment. And in the case of a heavy snowstorm, immediately after the snowfall our technicians return to the property and remove any remaining snow with snow plows and hand shovels. As soon as that is completed, the exposed pretreatment will once again dry the pavement off, leaving a safe, slip-free walking and driving surface for customers and employees alike.
  • Last but not least, Smart Scapes LLC is committed to eco-friendly practices, so all of our pretreatment mixtures are made using eco-friendly products and chemicals. We do not use caustic or damaging material, and we have completely turned away from traditional road salt products. We are not only the practical choice in snow and ice control, but we are the environmentally-conscious choice as well.


Business owners who attempt to do their snow and ice removal become frustrated and overwhelmed with the process. Not only is removing snow and ice on one’s own a backbreaking and challenging chore, but it is also dangerous. Better leave it to the experts at Smart Scapes LLC.

Have questions about snow and ice removal and pretreatments? Call our office at (615) 437-5520 or check out the frequently asked questions below:


  • How do I apply ice pretreatments to my property?
  • Most quality, eco-friendly liquid pretreatment products are only available on a commercial scale. But some pretreatments for home use can be purchased from the local hardware store. Keep in mind that applying such material for a commercial building requires application via truck-mounted equipment to properly canvas the area.
  • How long do pretreatments last?
  • Depending on the conditions, pretreatment can last three to seven days. But don’t worry, our service is unlimited, so our technicians will apply pretreatments to your property as many times as necessary at no additional charge to ensure your paved surfaces are dry and slip-free.
  • How much do ice pretreatments cost?
  • There is no additional cost to pretreatments. The application of pretreatments is included in your service plan.
  • Are ice pretreatments eco-friendly?
  • Not all of them are. But the products we use are certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design group for their minimal impact on the environment.

Still have more questions? Wondering where to find a snow removal contractor? Asking, “Who is the best ice removal contractor near me? or “Who does snow plowing near me? or “Where can I find a snow contractor near me?” Let your search come to a close with Smart Scapes LLC.


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