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Eco-Friendly Deicing Services

One of the hallmarks to a good snow and ice removal company is their consideration for the environment. This is instantly apparent in the types of deicing agents used. Eco-friendly ice control not only affords a more effective ice melt strategy, but the products used have a significantly reduced impact on the surrounding environment.


At no extra charge to our customers, Smart Scapes LLC uses “Green Melter,” an eco-friendly ice melt that is 84% less corrosive than traditional rock salt. Green Melter is rated by the Environmental Protection Agency with its own Safer Choice label, making this product the right product to use for eco-friendly ice removal.


When applied correctly, (timing and existing weather patterns are crucial in ice melt application, our technicians are trained on this), Green Melter effectively melts snow at temperatures below freezing, something that traditional road salt struggles with.


In addition to being practical, our eco-friendly ice melts are safer for the water supply. This product doesn’t harm vegetation and local landscaping. Green ice melt does not bounce when it strikes the ground, leading to less waste of the product and a more direct application overall.


An added benefit to eco-friendly snowmelt is that this product does not create that odd, chalky appearance that road salt does. That keeps your property appealing and aesthetic in the winter months.


Not only is Green Melter better for the environment, landscaping, pavement, hardscapes, and water supply, but this product is simply more effective. However, knowing how and when to apply it, that takes a particular skill.


Our goal is to replace the use of road salt completely. That’s a revolutionary leap forward in the snow and ice removal industry. However, the use of new technology in the form of eco-friendly deicing agents requires industry leaders who know how to use this product best. Our green deicing services are a must for your business because:

  • Green deicer must be applied under certain conditions. Ideally, it would be used immediately following driveway snow plowing, parking lot snow removal, and sidewalk snow clearing. But different weather conditions, temperatures, and humidity levels will influence how much to use and how to apply it. Our technicians are trained in this.
  • We are one of the only snow removal companies in the middle South who uses green snowmelt, and we may be the only company that recently made a 100% switch to this product. We do not use regular road salt anymore.
  • Green deicer like magnesium chloride (or a sodium chloride with potassium additives) is more expensive than traditional road salt. That puts a burn on business owners’ pocketbooks if they buy this product for themselves. However, Smart Scapes LLC offers the use of this product at no additional charge.
  • Our application of green deicer is more efficient than traditional methods. The last thing you want as a business owner is to apply salt yourself and have temperatures drop below road salt’s capacity for melting. The next morning, snow and ice are still on your property, posing a hazard to customers and employees alike. Smart Scapes LLC guarantees proper melt and removal of snow and ice through the use of green deicer, even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Smart Scapes LLC can canvas a large property with eco-friendly ice melt. When business owners attempt to spread salt on their parking lots on their own, this results in uneven melt patterns, leaving some areas slick and others dry. With our special trucks and deicing equipment, we offer uniform ice melt for your driveways, parking lots, entryways, sidewalks, etc.


Asking yourself, “Who is the best snow removal contractor near me?” or searching the internet for “Ice removal near me,” “Who is a good deicing contractor?” or “Where can I find snow plowing services near me?” We aim to offer all of these services to you and to do so with an eco-friendly approach.


To aid you in your search, here are three frequently asked questions and their answers:

  • What kind of deicer should I use?
  • We recommend a product called ClearLane® Enhanced Deicer. That’s the product we’ve replaced all our traditional road salt with. Not only is it better for the environment, but it effectively melts snow at lower temperatures than rock salt does.
  • How should I deice my property?
  • The best service is an unlimited service, and that is our approach at Smart Scapes LLC. Rather than you having to go out in the cold weather and spread deicer by hand, our technicians will visit your property as many times as necessary to ensure that snow and ice is kept off the pavement, the property is accessible, and that walking across the property is safe.
  • Why hire deicing services?
  • Our deicing services come with our snow plowing services. There is no additional fee for this service. Deicing is the only guarantee to an accessible and safe business this winter. The safety aspect is the main reason why deicing services are a must.

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